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What difference can one idea, one person, one University make? Support the University of Chicago Campaign to advance our scholarly mission and foster a more engaged, connected community around the world.

Progress to date: $5 billion

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  • University announces names for seven new College residential houses

  • $24.1 million gift to support international students, executive education

  • Prof. Richard Thaler wins Nobel Prize

Explore stories of inquiry and impact

  • Learn more about sports bets and macroeconomics.

    What does football teach us about financial markets?

    For Chicago Booth professor Tobias Moskowitz, sports betting contracts are the ideal place to observe how prices shift when people overreact to information. He shared his insights at the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics. Read more

  • Learn more about how computation can help stop a virus.

    How can computers aid the fight against infectious disease?

    A team of UChicago scientists uses computer simulations to better understand influenza A and how it replicates. Their work, the most detailed of its kind, may speed the development of new and better treatments of the virus. Read more

  • Learn more about the Urban Education Institute.

    What can US educators learn from research on Chicago’s public schools?

    Students who are academically on track in ninth grade are almost four times more likely to finish high school. This and other UChicago insights are making a difference across Chicago Public Schools. Read more

  • Learn more about preventing crime through knowledge.

    How can data help deter violence?

    Violence has a steep human and economic cost. The Crime Lab’s data-driven research on human behavior, social conditions, and large organizations helps replicate crime and violence prevention strategies that work. Read more

  • Learn more about Arts + Public Life.

    In what ways can the arts transform a neighborhood?

    The Arts + Public Life initiative builds creative connections on Chicago’s South Side. Its Arts Incubator enriches the community with arts education, residencies, and artist-led events in a renovated building on East Garfield Boulevard. Read more

  • Learn more about library collections at UChicago.

    What is a library’s role in the digital age?

    The Library supports the research of faculty, students, and visiting scholars by making its collections accessible. Its tradition of ambitious collection building continues in the digital age, encompassing print and electronic resources. Read more

  • Learn more about new tools in the humanities.

    How can modern technology uncover the past?

    Scholars who investigate the ancient world need broad and deep knowledge of history, languages, and archaeology. But digital tools are also shaping research in fields from cuneiform studies to Egyptology. Read more

  • Learn more about problems and solutions in Gary.

    What can graduate students learn about urban renewal from Gary, Indiana?

    The Gary Project gives students at the Chicago Harris a unique opportunity to put theory into practice. They’re working with city officials and residents to confront the issues facing a struggling American city. Read more

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